Targeted Product Funnel Creation

Are you considering offering series of information products (ebook, CD series, one-on-one coaching, etc.) but can’t seem to figure out the best way to properly promote them online? Then, you need to learn the ropes of product funnel creation. This is a relatively new marketing technique that will allow you to sell series of products (preferably those that target a specific niche) while earning the trust of your potential clients so you can convince them not only to buy from you but also to support your other offerings.

Here are the 4 targeted methods to supercharge your product funnel creation:

1. Start your funnel with low-end product. You can’t expect online users to shell out thousands of dollars on their first purchase no matter how much they trust you. clickfunnels mlm scam These people are most likely afraid to get scammed so they will surely like to test the waters first. On the first level of your funnel, you may offer these people inexpensive but quality products. These could be special newsletters, short ebooks, reports, do-it-yourself guides, etc. that will sell for $10-$30. As there is a little risk involve, you can be assured that a lot of people will take advantage of your low-end offering.

2. Satisfy your clients. You would want to move your clients to the next level of you funnel or convince them to buy your middle-end products. That can only happen if these people had a great time on their first transaction. That is why, you need to ensure that you impress these people by offering valuable products at reasonable prices and by offering them great customer support.

3. Sell your middle-end products. On the second level of your funnel, you may offer your middle-end products. These could be DVD series, 8-hour seminar, etc. that can sell for $100-$500. These products must contain more valuable information compare to your low-end products so you can give your clients their money’s wroth.

4. Sell your high-ticket products. At the end of your funnel, you may offer your clients with one-on-one coaching, advanced coaching programs, teleseminars, bootcamps, etc. that will sell for $2,000-$12,000. Don’t fret if only 10% of your customer base take advantage of these offerings as not all of them can afford these types of products.

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